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Owner / President – Larry Horton
Larry graduated from LaGrange College, in LaGrange, GA, with a B.A. in Mathematics. He worked in the sales industry for “Xerox” for many years before he decided to become his own boss and start building houses for a living. Larry and his wife, Judy, enjoyed building their first dream home together so much that he felt like he could build dream homes for others as well. So in 1985, Larry built his first contract house in Lawrenceville, GA. Like many small business owners, he did a lot of the work himself to learn the building business. However, Larry hired the most prominent builder in Gwinnett Co., GA to act as a consultant. He was given advice on legal contracts, pricing, site preparation, scheduling, inspection, etc. The first house that Larry built laid the groundwork for a successful transfer from Gwinnett Co. to Rabun Co. where Larry has now built more than 150 homes in the last 22 years.

Vice President – Scott Horton
While still in high school, Scott started working with his father in 1985 on the first house that Larry built. He helped his father on many of the small odds and ends jobs, which included general clean-up, insulation, etc. When Scott started college, he would continue to come home on the weekends and work for Larry on a part time basis to help pay for school. Scott graduated from the University of Georgia in 1992 with a B.A. in Education. He then came home from school and went to work full time with his father. Over the next couple of years, Scott continued to spend a lot of time on the job working “hands on” to learn the various trades of the building business and how to build a home the proper way. After gaining the valuable experience, Scott eventually became Vice President, in charge of pricing, drafting plans, job site supervision, ordering, scheduling, etc.

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